Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vintage Window Dressing

I have this fascination with all things "vintage."  I am not quite sure why, but I just love "old" stuff.  There are so many stories that go along with vintage treasures.  Some of the things that I thought were just beautifully artistic to me was window dressings.  My late mother in law, Libby, used to "window dress" while she was in nursing school eons ago in Virginia.  She would tell me about her creations and recently I have just been thinking about "window dressings."  I think that has become a lost art of sorts.  I mean, sure, you can go to the mall and see them, but I am talking about walking downtown, looking at the different window dressings in store fronts like people did back in the day.  Store fronts would always have "the best of the best", as Ms. Libby would tell me.  "That's how you draw people into your shop.  It was like a competition for the most business!"        

So, I decided to google some vintage store fronts to look at some of the dressings that I really liked and found a few that were worth re-posting.  If I ever had an opportunity to open a small shop I would "dress to impress."  Lol!  Sometimes, I just wish that things were like they were back in the day.  Even though "doing" things was harder, that life, to me, was so much more simple than the fast-paced electronic age of today.  I think that they took more pride in what they did back then.  It wasn't a "job" dressing windows, it was an expression of themselves, to an extent.  Something that they enjoyed doing.  I know that if I could just go to work and window dress, each day would be something different and amazing!  Using anything you wanted in the store to create a picture perfect scene of the many treasures inside that one MUST come in and view!  Ah... maybe I am just babbling...  I tend to do that from time to time...

I love the way they used to dress back then.  So modest.  

HUGE window front!  I love that!  It's like decorating a whole room!

Isn't the kid just too cute?  Kids were so simple back then.
Didn't take much to make them happy back then!

I would have posted more, but I do have to go to work today!  So, what kind of window treatments, window shops, vintage type stuff do you like to see?  Just wondering what your thoughts are...

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