Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Moment of Inspiration

Isn't it funny when you see a certain piece that just inspires you to do something?  Well, more times than not, I am not a big fan of going to the hardware store with "the Hubbs." But, this particular time something caught my eye as I was walking in the door.  There it was!  A beautiful bright yellow sunflower bench.  That was it.  I HAD to have it!  So... I guess you know I walked out of Lowes with my brand new bright yellow sunflower bench.  Once I got it home, it made everything else... well... it just looked kinda shabby. And not that "shabby chic" kind of shabby.  More crappy than shabby.  So... back to Lowes I go.  That was it.  I repainted the table to match the bench and I finally found a use for that old window I bought back in August of last year.  That wasn't enough though.  Then I had to redo the stools and then decided to paint some other things too.  After 2 long days of painting, it was finally done!  I now have 3 separate seating areas around our porch.  Then, I thought that it looked so good that now I need to do some other things around the house.  That's another story for another time though.  Here is what I did with the seating areas.  Dummy me didn't take before pics of some of the stuff.  I can tell you that the colorful table was that same ugly brown that the stools were.  Now everything is bright and cheery.  I know that next time I will take "before" pics though.  ;-)
The stool below is what color the table was before I painted it.  

 I really like how the window turned out.  I took a chance on the method and I am very pleased with the outcome!
At first I wasn't going to paint the girl and the chimes, but I thought that it spruced up the whole look.  I love how the plaque turned out.  It really made the words pop!
The table sure is brighter and matches the bench perfectly!  It was a fun project and I was certainly blessed with beautiful days outside to get it completed!  This is just the beginning though!  I have so many more projects that I want to complete.  

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